April Thoughts

Loyalty does not exist.

Family is just a word.

Life is relentless.

Time speeds by.

Subtle actions are insignificant.

Creepy is a bully's word.

Sex is invisible.

warmth comes from within.

Memories get lost.

Meaning becomes meaningless.

Brothers seperated.

Nobility dead.

Missed moments.

Accountability is overrated.

Emotions are reflections.

Intellectualism lacks.

Phony baloney tastes the same.

Children grow old.

Old gets older.

Laughing is stifled.

Jokes are on us.

Leaps of faith have fallen to their deaths.

And the little boy inside cries.






everybody lies

The truth is everybody lies. Why is it that some go down in flames while others go scot-free ? The answer is as twisted as the world we live in. An actor can be banned from Hollywood while a president can remain untouched. A priest can simply be sent to another church, a rich man pay his way out of it, but a person of color.....look out ! There is no sense in this nonsense.




chaotic, without direction, out of control, unending, and unimaginable.



The fake global warming has given us a lot of horror this year in the form of massive water destruction. Neighbors to the south have been practically ignored. The devastation unimaginable, the need overwhelming. Listen to this hurricane inspired tune entitled: tempour jam...


my music

My musical journey has been long and mostly uneventful. I haven't made any big sales or hit the big time. I haven't achieved fame or fortune. Yet, I continue on as if I have. Why ? The answer is as easy as breathing. I have the music in me and I have to get it out. I don't worry about all the rest. That's not to say that I never have. I've just learned as the years have gone by not to worry about it because nothing much has ever come of it. I ponder whether my music is any good, or good enough, but then I hear everything else that's out there and I know that it is good enough. The market for my music is just particular to the few and perhaps many who haven't found it yet. This is the reason I have started posting my music on CD Baby which has digitally produced them for worldwide distribution. Here is a list of the sites where it can be found:

how old do you feel ?

Do you feel too old to make it in the business ?

Does your energy feel lackluster compared to those young budding musicians ?

Say it isn't so !

Many famous people got their starts later in life and went on to become icons.

Read this article to find out who they are:


make it in the music business

It may seem impossible to "make it" in the music business, but there are steps you can take to help you overcome the obstacles.

There are countless sites, agents, and promoters who can help you along the way, but at a price.

One way to start your journey without spending an arm and a leg is to optimize your own website.

One way to do that is building your website on a dedicated music site server like hostbaby.com

Another way is to read  articles online on how to improve your chances of being seen.

Being heard is only half the game. No one is going to buy your music if they can't  find you online.

Read articles like this one:


Follow the advice of other musicians who have figured out ways to get ahead in the fast paced world of independent music sales.

Keep visiting this blog  for more articles and tips for improving your chances in the music business.

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