march on

RPM is over and it's time to march on.

I felt pretty happy with what I accomplished this year yet have the annual depression that always follows.

I only had a few likes on my Facebook posts for the challenge. Quite disappointing. Especially when other posts like cartoons or kittens seem to merit 100s of likes. A relative's artwork receives 100s of likes for one watercolor that surely didn't take a month of sweat and toil. I even recall posts about how unappreciated musicians are for their hard work. And the proof of it is as clear as can be when my hard work goes almost unnoticed.

I know I sound bitter, but I don't operate on the approval of others or I would have given up years ago. I can hear people saying " yeah, you should have ".

Oh well, that's the way the music plays.

I'll still be back next year for my 12th year doing the RPM Challenge.

And in the meantime I'll continue writing, playing, and recording my little tunes as always and ever.

Toodles y'all !

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