The Madness

Here it is the middle of February and I have the RPM madness. I always start off the month with energy and optimism. The RPM Challenge is my annual madness now in my eleventh year. 10 songs or 35 minutes of music produced entirely during the month of February. I've had more technical problems this year than others, but no more madness than usual. Not the kind of angry madness, but the kind of brain teasingly crazy madness. I never worry about not completing the challenge, but still get lost within it's grip. The urge to chuck it all rises to the surface often and hearing all the other great music out there competing in this "challenge" makes one feel inadequate.....sometimes. Other times I feel proud of what I am able to accomplish in the shortest month of the year.I , a lone tree in a vast wasteland seeking the drops of life-water to nourish my musical creativity. Things are coming along nicely and I will post music here and there soon. Already have some up on my RPM page:

Hope you all had a nice Valentines and will check out my work,

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