time does not heal all wounds

Contrary to popular belief time does not heal all wounds. Some cut so deep as to last a lifetime. When someone tells you they are not your friend you don't easily forget. Regardless of the passage of time those words stick like glue and define who you are. Once said they can only be taken back by sincerity. An apology is only as good as the accountability that surrounds it. The future is only determined by the actions of the offending party. Forgiveness is over rated.  people are cruel and selfish when backed into a corner. Pride is the most practiced emotion. Keep your spirits intact for your day may come when the ones you trusted most will let you down. They will tell you this reality is not about you and you should just boo hoo get over what's bothering you. Take care of yourselves and make peace with your spirituality so you may glide effortlessly through life.


still rambling

I think the world is losing it's collective mind. I blame social media. It gives everyone a voice and now we're all hearing voices. Varied and strange they dictate our  social conscience. They create a mess of morals and a tirade of anger. They make us feel guilty and empowered. They change the way we feel and think. I have to shut off Facebook after scrolling  awhile it makes me so crazy. I reel at the hatred and mistrust of the world. I'm not saying that isn't so, I just can't stand seeing it in print to penetrate my soul. I can't take the constant barrage of know it all thoughts. I can't stomach the self-righteous yammering. The fake news, the fake reality, the fake fakery. It all becomes too much to bear and I run screaming down the lane. I understand why hermits become hermits. I get how mental illness grows at an alarming rate. I see how the children of our generation are becoming warped. I believe we are all victims of our own dementia. I have personal experience with otherwise normal people becoming unhinged by their own prideful convictions. I am floored by the intent to crush rather than embrace. I used to be hurt and confused by this type of behavior and now I accept it as ordinary. I keep on trying to appreciate and honor all human beings regardless of their power. I don't see the benefit in tearing down what is already obviously tearing down. There must be a better way, I say, but life goes on. I hope to see you in the good light my friends and will try to walk the path I am destined to walk.


now is all there is. you can think about tomorrow, you can worry about the past but now is all there is. if you stay in the now you can let the rest go. but there in lies the rub my friends. like music, the tunes run endlessly in your head whether you listen or not, so why worry. why get upset over the nothingness that exists to fool us into thinking there is meaning and substance. As my father believed: we are all stardust. Bits of nothing that appear as something huge. and that is huge !

musical cheers

musical cheers to you all.

let your inner voice sing.

allow the happiness that comes from music to penetrate your soul.

look to yourself in times of stress and feel the vibes that play continually.

feel the notes as they glissando among your brain cells.

watch for spectacular visions in your life.

anticipate the freedom of musical cheers.

yell in a voice that only you can understand.

let the world be your companion.

let the rhythms carry you.

let yourself be the song.

musical cheers to you all. 


this big blue marble

This big blue marble vexes me. It spins and spins without end and cares not how dizzy we get. This cats eye is transparent as glass. The waters are not calm. This globular test tube mixes us up like fizzies on acid. It always pours when it rains. This land of the freaks is freakishly freaky frankly speaking. The waste of a quadrillion asses has got to stink. This hurling glob of refuse has got us all by the throat. We strangle each other in order to avoid the obvious truths. We hate when we should love. We love to hate. We forget how grateful we should be. We need to need to heed our call. We heave up piles of ripe regret. We grieve the loss of our fragile youth. The time keeps on ticking and we take the licking. No one escapes the grim scrim. Cheery thoughts have got their place. Above the rest so we can rest. The place inside untouched unscathed. The hiding spot of spotty dreams. We live in fear of fearing naught. For once it's gone the farm is bought. The end is near. The friend is teared. The world is weird. On this big blue marble we veer.


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