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I think the world is losing it's collective mind. I blame social media. It gives everyone a voice and now we're all hearing voices. Varied and strange they dictate our  social conscience. They create a mess of morals and a tirade of anger. They make us feel guilty and empowered. They change the way we feel and think. I have to shut off Facebook after scrolling  awhile it makes me so crazy. I reel at the hatred and mistrust of the world. I'm not saying that isn't so, I just can't stand seeing it in print to penetrate my soul. I can't take the constant barrage of know it all thoughts. I can't stomach the self-righteous yammering. The fake news, the fake reality, the fake fakery. It all becomes too much to bear and I run screaming down the lane. I understand why hermits become hermits. I get how mental illness grows at an alarming rate. I see how the children of our generation are becoming warped. I believe we are all victims of our own dementia. I have personal experience with otherwise normal people becoming unhinged by their own prideful convictions. I am floored by the intent to crush rather than embrace. I used to be hurt and confused by this type of behavior and now I accept it as ordinary. I keep on trying to appreciate and honor all human beings regardless of their power. I don't see the benefit in tearing down what is already obviously tearing down. There must be a better way, I say, but life goes on. I hope to see you in the good light my friends and will try to walk the path I am destined to walk.

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