time does not heal all wounds

Contrary to popular belief time does not heal all wounds. Some cut so deep as to last a lifetime. When someone tells you they are not your friend you don't easily forget. Regardless of the passage of time those words stick like glue and define who you are. Once said they can only be taken back by sincerity. An apology is only as good as the accountability that surrounds it. The future is only determined by the actions of the offending party. Forgiveness is over rated.  people are cruel and selfish when backed into a corner. Pride is the most practiced emotion. Keep your spirits intact for your day may come when the ones you trusted most will let you down. They will tell you this reality is not about you and you should just boo hoo get over what's bothering you. Take care of yourselves and make peace with your spirituality so you may glide effortlessly through life.


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